On the hunt for…a rain jacket

After all the rain we had last week on the east coast, I came to the conclusion that it’s finally time to invest in a great rain jacket.  I don’t know about you, but if it’s raining out, I want a hood to cover my head. I just think its the most practical for rainy weather. Here are some cute hooded rain jackets that I found…

rain-jackets1. Heritage raincoat, Anthropologie

2. Rain cape, Iva Jean

3. Matinee trench, J. Crew

4. Packable anorak, Laundry by Shelli Segal

5. Fleece-lined rain coat, L.L. Bean


On the hunt for….A chic camera bag

Who says your camera bag can’t be chic?

Ever since I got my new camera, I haven’t been able to find a cute camera bag to store it in…That is, until I stumbled upon this adorable one from Kipling’s collaboration with Style Scrap Book’s Andy Torres.  I think Andy did an incredible job designing this bag. With its gold chain and beautiful leather it’s easy to mistake it for an everyday handbag.

More about where and how you can get this limited edition bag here.

kipling-style-scrapbookimage from stylescrapbook.com
kipling-style-scrapbookimage from stylescrapbook.com