Latest Obsession: CeCe Toppings

Embellished, bejeweled and even peter pan- it’s no secret that collars are all the rage right now. It’s an adorable look, but when trying to get that “geeky chic” style, it can sometimes get too bulky and uncomfortable with all the layering. Well, thanks to CeCe Toppings, you can wear JUST the collar- in a variety of patters, colors and styles!  How clever is that??

I personally love the peter pan and ruffle bow collars! Topping off an outfit with a fresh collar adds a whole new dimension to your look. Browse the selection of toppings here 🙂

4 thoughts on “Latest Obsession: CeCe Toppings

  1. Like the look and I owned a couple of these collars back in the day when they were called “dickies”. They used to come only in turtleneck style or mock turtle. These are more unique and diverse in patterns.

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