All GAP Everything…

Gap-outfitleather and tweed jacket, tee, skinnies and clutch all from Gap

How’s this for an all Gap outfit?? I saw this jacket on the sale rack at the Gap and immediately had to have it. The tweed and leather combo is going to become an instant staple in my fall wardrobe. During my shopping trip, I also found some other great things that I’ll be sure to share soon!

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4 Responses to All GAP Everything…

  1. I LOVE this outfit!! Perfect for Autumn! What a stunning combination!

    Thank you for the Inspiration!!


  2. says:

    I didn’t even take a second glance at this coat online, but when I saw your blog post I thought it was so cute. Naturally I had to buy it and got it for only $65! Thanks Sophia!

  3. Adriana says:

    The photos are beautiful and the outfit is eye catching and carefree! Very well put together!

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