A Shock of Orange



Fendi-scarfdress: Rolando Santana//bracelet: Ann Taylor//shoes: Ralph Lauren//bag: Chanel//makeup case: vintage Fendi//sunglasses: Tom Ford//scarf: vintage Fendi
Photos: Katie Talamo//Location: RAW

This orange number from the talented Rolando Santana, fits like a glove! It’s so comfortable and sleek, you just feel so great wearing it. I love his stuff!! See more here and stay tuned for more pieces I’ll be showcasing from him 🙂

Sidenote: This vintage Fendi scarf is one of my favorite items that I own. It was given to me by my great aunt who came to visit from Italy years ago. I complimented her on it and she took it right off and handed it to me to keep! How sweet and generous is that?? She’s adorable.

One thought on “A Shock of Orange

  1. Hi Sophia! Really like the dress on you! Also, the sidenote about Zia Nannina giving you the Fendi scarf was a nice personal touch.

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