Choose your mood…


Remember mood rings that told you what mood you were feeling? Well, Lifetherapy founder, Lynette Lovelace, would probably disagree with that. She believes that you choose your mood, which led her to create her own line of beauty and lifestyle products that allow you to do just that.  By choosing your mood—play, vacation, flirt, escape, chill— there is a complementary lotion, fragrance, and pulse point oil to enhance that mood and feeling. Each product aims to arouse the senses and helps you escape from everyday life. After all, Lovelace says, “fragrance is more than what we wear; it’s how we feel when we wear it.” Vacation, anyone??

Choose your mood here and be sure to visit Henri Bendel’s NYC store on August 15th for the launch of Lifetherapy’s Skin Nourishing Body Scrub. Lovelace will be in attendance, sharing advice on how to choose your mood!

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