Wedding Inspiration Wednesday

So, as I am in the midst of looking for a really fabulous photographer, I have come across some shots I absolutely love and so many different photography styles. Throughout this search I have really come to admire photography as an art.  It’s so difficult to choose just one type of style, so for me, its important that my photographer be versatile. I love the classic style pictures, especially black and white, but I am also a huge fan of candids and truly believe that the best photos are when you’re not looking or paying attention to the camera. I like a crisp, clean look and attention to detail.  Here are some must-have shots that I’m thinking…

LOVE the traditional shoe shot…and of course, they have to be an incredible pair of shoes

onelove photography
Michelle Austen

Great floral shots….

onelove photography

Attention to detail…

Kristin Vining Photography
Kristin Vining Photography
Kristin Vining Photography
How adorable is this clutch??
Olivia Leigh Photographie

Taking advantage of the scenery…

Desi Baytan Photography
Rocco Ancora

Some black and white….

Olivia Leigh Photographie
Olivia Leigh Photographie

And, of course…the stand-alone dress shot!

Kristin Vining Photography
Marianne Wilson Photography



p.s. If you know of great photographers, feel free to comment!

One thought on “Wedding Inspiration Wednesday

  1. Will you get married? If my poor enhlish helped me, I think yes! So congraaaaaaaaaats! Maybe I’m an eternal romantic, but I’m happy for you!

    I can see your blog has a clean and sofisticated layout, the photos has a very good quality and you write well… so I can imagine that your wedding will be amazing! A special wedding for a person who has a very good taste!

    Kisses frm Brazil,

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